Learn to Use Your Greatest Potential – Your Communication

Having conversations is not always easy. Especially when it comes to difficult topics. In a moment, words can slip out of your mouth that endanger the exchange or even cause it to slip away.

As managers or team leaders, educators or teachers, your goal is to achieve something when you speak to others. Be it the best possible agreement, mutual understanding, smooth cooperation, helpful collaboration, consistent security, or perhaps something else entirely. In any case, it is important to avoid the conversation deteriorating into a typical ping-pong game of arguments and counter-arguments or even escalating.

How about having somebody with whom crucial conversations could be planned, prepared and tried out? You have just found that somebody. No matter what the conversation is about, in what context it will take place, and with whom, you will discover appropriate entry points, creative thinking, and successful phrasing, even in crucial conversations with yourself.

With somebody, who …

  • listens to you.
  • brings more clarity to your concerns by asking questions.
  • helps you understand the possible positions of your counterpart.
  • helps you transform unfavorable formulations into purposeful sentences.
  • formulates appropriate sentences to convey your concerns to the other person in a way that keeps him or her open and willing to talk.

We can meet via online meeting platforms, as well as in face-to-face sessions. In my space at zeit-sinn seminar center, for example, you'll find an ideal working environment for developing, elaborating, planning and shaping your ideas. I offer opportunities for individuals as well as corporate team development.